19 01 2013

harlemweekI love Harlem.  I live and work here.  I love the energy of this place, I love the vibe.  Contrary to the portrait painted of living in the big city of New York, Harlem is still a neighborhood.  I walk to work most of the time, and here people greet you on the street in the morning, and it just gives a warm feeling everyday.  You see a lot of the older people on the side of the street who just keep an eye out and know everything that is taking place in the block. Harlem is truly a rainbow.  In the summers you see clearly that Harlem is a mixture, a melting pot, people live here from all over the world.  While walking up the street you see a kaleidoscope of many different shades and colors; black, brown, yellow, white, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, European, African; hear so many different language; see so many different fashions, shapes and textures,  people with many different attitudes, the the lively and animated speak; and my favorite – all of the smiles!

One of the most fabulous things I love about the smile, is that they are all so different.  Each and every individual has teeth of  different shapes and shades, from super white, to shades of yellow, to brown, even dark brown; some have spaces, some are crowded together.  Oftentimes, some are missing.  The fact that no two individuals have the same teeth is fascinating to me.  Each and every mouth is different.  There is no monotony in the area of dentistry, it is a wonderful thing.  When I take a look around at the different teeth, the smiles, this is Harlem, this is home!



Dr Donna Williams

Dr. Williams began her career in the field of dentistry at Howard University and graduated from Baltimore College Dental Surgery/University of Maryland. She is one of a select group of general dentists who have completed a fellowship in Holistic dentistry, and is also certified to use the only FDA approved laser for periodontal surgery. She is passionate about improving the health status of people throughout the community and beyond. Contact her at: Morningside Dental Care.




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